What to Expect in your Child’s Pre-Ballet Classes

Mom’s with little girls all want to see them wear their tutus and strut a ballet walk or spin but there is a required age for ballet classes. If you are one of those moms who can’t wait there are pre-ballet classes offered in dance schools to help ease girls into formal ballet classes.

Pre-ballet lessons are offered to girls ages 4 and 8. However, nowadays the dancers become younger and younger. Some ballet classes accept children from2.5 to 5 years of age. The classes are very informal and lose. They are made to move freely to different types of music.

For pre-ballet lessons what is mostly taught are the basics such as posture, how to wear a bun, and how to use the handlebar. There are some ballet schools that offer to teach the 5 basic ballet positions. Although not as rigid as the regular ballet class.

If you and your child are completely new to ballet you need to know the required dance attire, the ballet shoes, and tight bun requirement. The required dance attire are leotards and tights. When buying ballet shoes you must remember that the shoes should fit snugly but not a size smaller. The feet should be relaxed and flat.

When children start to dance at a young age, they develop self-confidence and socialization skills. It is also great training for kids to work hard and become focused on something. We know that kids at age 3 have a very short attention span. This is why the pre-ballet classes are not geared on making them memorize ballet positions. Rather, they are made to appreciate the art of ballet by trying out poses. At the same time teaching them to be grateful. After a while, they are assessed if they are ready for a regular ballet class.