What to Expect at Your First Tap Class

Let’s face it; learning how to tap dance is not easy. Hence, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed when thinking about going to class. After all, chances are this is the first time you have enrolled yourself to any dance lesson. So, if you have no any idea what to do, let us help fill you in about what you can expect from your first tap class.

Expect to Learn the Basics

As a beginner, it goes without saying that your instructor will most likely teach you the basics of tap dancing. On that note, you might be feeling hyped about learning complex steps that will amaze your peers. However, keep in mind that the basic routines will be your foundation. Without it, you’re unlikely to properly execute advanced steps and routines. Hence, it’s best to be patient and dedicated. Although it might be boring, always remember that mastering the basics is one step towards becoming a good tap dancer.

Expect to Make Mistakes

Naturally, you’ll might find it difficult to execute some steps. Other times you might make mistakes or even fail at one point. However, you shouldn’t let this bring you down. Remember, even the best dancers make mistakes sometimes. The important thing is to get up and strive harder to learn what you’re being taught. Instead of letting mistakes get to you, it should inspire you to invest more time in practicing and rehearsing.

Expect to Have Fun

Although you might be really worried about your first class, don’t let it hinder you from having fun. The best thing about taking dance lessons is that you get to have fun with your peers and instructor. Hence, you shouldn’t pressure yourself to do the steps perfectly. Instead, you should just feel the rhythm and let your body move along with it. Ultimately, this is the secret to getting the most out of your first class.