Violin Lessons in Tucson, AZ

Our string program offers violin, viola, and cello lessons, as well as, string ensemble experiences to students of all ages and abilities, from beginners through very advanced. Our teachers are university trained and experienced professionals from around the world. Many perform as special guests and/or regular members in local orchestras. From “learn by ear” to traditional reading, we strive to foster our students' love of music with a comprehensive program that is flexible to meet individual needs.

Our violin students are of all ages from young children to adults. Violin lessons can sometimes begin for students as young as age 3 through our well-rounded Suzuki program. In this program, children develop strong musicianship skills including note reading and ensemble skills.

Lesson instruction includes hand and finger techniques, shifting exercises, bow technique variations, fingering exercises, articulation, music scales, sight-reading, music theory and analysis, and ear training and memorization. As students progress, they can explore a broad repertoire of concertos, sonatas and virtuoso pieces. For younger children we highly encourage a parent to sit in on the lesson so they are able to help the student at home with their posture, hand position, etc.

Students have the opportunity to participate in multiple recitals throughout Tucson, AZ, which they (children and adults) may share their musical achievements with friends and family.

We supplement our private violin lessons, viola lessons, and cello lessons with fun ensembles or fiddling groups that play in our recitals.

Lesson times are first come first served so contact us to arrange your first lesson today!

The top quality Academy lessons Tucson families know and love are now also available online, as well as in person. Learn more about our ONLINE MUSIC LESSONS here.

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