Video Testimonials

Fantastic musical experience with Music and Dance Academy since 2010. When I found this school for my boy Eric, I was very happy to see his piano playing skill was significantly improved in a very short period time! Teachers of the school are very professional and passionate, and the class is unique designed for individual student on different level. Most importantly, school offers a lot of great performance opportunities each year for students to perform on stages, churches, bookstores. It allows student to gain precious performances experiences by facing audiences. We are all proud that Eric had a wonderful opportunity to be qualified to perform at Carnage Hall in Gold Key Festival 2014. Thanks Nina! Eric, now, has been with the school for more than seven years. He love the school and teachers there. He not only learned the music skills, but also influenced by the spirit of music. Music will be with him in his life long journey!

-Charles Lu

Our boys have been taking my music lessons for the last 4 years at the Music and Dance Academy. They all very much enjoy their lessons and their instructors. During the 4 years, 2 of my boys changed instruments as the started so young and had not yet "found" which instrument suited them best. All the instructors have been very patient, caring, and definitely very talented over the years. In addition, the staff and owner have been wonderful. They are always happy to help and pleasant to talk with. We are all looking forward to many more years with the Academy.

-Jennifer Marshall

Fantastic customer service. Very accommodating. They truly care about their students. When you walk in the door at the Catalina location you can always expect Mrs. Lee to be there with a friendly greeting. And Tami has been wonderful. They worked very hard to get us four different teachers for two students in one afternoon so i wouldn't have to drive over there multiple times a week. My only criticism is that they aren't closer to my house. Lol....they need a third location in south east Tucson. All the music instructors are first rate. I would recommend them to anyone seeking a quality music education.

-Sidra Buchi

My grandson loves the effort and support on his behalf and his younger brother can't wait to be included

-Vickie Pitts

My son has been taking violin lessons for almost two years and everyone at the Music and Dance Academy are great. He started when he was 4 and has learned so much. His instructor, Tamara, is patient and kind about helping him learn. Occasionally, he will be stressed about performing or practicing, but Nina (the owner) and Tamara are very skilled at working with young children and helping them overcome stage fright. We are always impressed.

-Mackenzie Massman

My 9 year old daughter enjoyed the winter workshop. It was well worth the drive from the Phoenix area and the hotel stay. The variety of activities were a fun way to sharpen her skills and peak her interest. The group environment provides experiences that would not be feasible in her private lessons.

-Lisa Crews, Suzuki Parent

Both my boys have taken music lessons at the Music and Dance Academy of Tucson - my eldest for 12 years and youngest for 6 years. They both received a thorough foundation in music and musical technique for their respective instruments (violin and cello). All the teachers are very professional and supportive in nurturing my kids' love of music. The teachers too are very musically knowledgeable and accomplished.

-Wendy Bolding

Our kids have been taking lessons here for several years and we love it. Everyone is professional and the teachers are caring and love the kids. Great place to share a love for music.

-Samantha Barry