Music FunTime!

Music FunTime is an innovative, structured, and progressive curriculum

These lessons were derived from Johns-Hopkins Research exploring the magical connection between math & science through music for children 18 months through 5 years of age. Children learn to read music notation, rhythms and symbols, and play the instruments of their choosing.
Through small preschool and kindergarten group music classes in a classroom atmosphere, children use musical crafts, worksheets, games and instruments in a fun exciting way to explore and nurture a strong music foundation which becomes a way of life, thus, gaining all the benefits of uniting both hemispheres of the brain.

Think About It

If a child can learn their letters, numbers, shapes, animals, animal sounds, etc., at such an early age…why can’t they learn to read music?

Music Classes for Preschoolers Combine Math & Music – A Powerful Force for Learning

Did you ever consider the skills your child uses when he/she sings a song such as “This Old Man”?

Your child is:

  • matching and comparing (through pitch, volume and rhythm)
  • patterning and sequencing (through melody, rhythm and lyrics)
  • counting numbers and adding

Add dramatic hand movements or clapping to the beat and you have created an entire package of learning rolled into one song.

Parents are constantly amazed at how their children develop these skills so quickly. Children become more confident, communicative and attentive, in addition to a growing appetite and appreciation for various types of music and musical instruments. You and your child will look forward to continuing on the journey of discovery and learning with Music FunTime.

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