Jazz Dance Class in Tucson, AZ

Toddlers, Intro, and Levels I, II, III

Jazz Dance Class combines many dance styles and techniques including ethnic dance, social dance and ballet.

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Tippy Toes (3-4yrs)

Tippy Toes Jazz explores basic jazz steps with upbeat music. Through movement games and activities children will learn and practice spatial awareness, rhythm, balance and coordination in this exciting class.

Intro to Jazz (5-6 yrs)

Intro to Jazz is an upbeat class that introduces basic jazz technique, rhythm, and choreography. With upbeat music, dancers will start to learn about the differences between jazz and ballet, the styles of jazz, and performance skills.

Jazz 1 (7+ yrs)

Expanding upon the foundation of Intro to Jazz, Jazz 1 will start to introduce the importance of stretching, strengthening, and body conditioning. More complex steps including leaps and turns will start to be introduced. Across the floor and choreography combinations will be a major focus. Different styles of jazz including Broadway, jazz funk, and Fosse will start to be discussed.

Jazz 2 (8+ yrs)

Building upon fundamentals of Jazz 1, Jazz 2 increases the difficulty of body conditioning while increasing complexity and vocabulary of leaps, turns, and kicks. Different types of choreography including lyrical and Broadway jazz will be explored. Execution and body alignment will be stressed in this more advanced level.

Jazz 3 (9+ yrs)

With technique and strength gained in Jazz 1 and Jazz 2, Jazz 3 is a more advanced, choreographic exploration of Jazz dance. Leaps, turns, and kicks get harder and more complex while choreography becomes more intricate. A solid technical foundation learned in earlier levels is a must for this class.

Adult Jazz

With a focus on strength, body conditioning, and stretching, Adult Jazz introduces the fundamentals of jazz while getting a cardio workout to upbeat music. Center exercises combined with across the floor, leaps, turns, and choreography introduce jazz technique while having fun. Bring a friend or make a new one in class!

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