Violin, Piano and Guitar

Guitar Explorers (ages 7-11)

Introduced in this class are the fundamentals of guitar playing including note reading, open chord positions, tuning, and simple chord patterns. Along with these fundamentals, children’s songs, folk songs and easy classical repertoire make this class a wonderful foundation for future private lessons.

Piano Explorers (ages 7-11)

This class is designed to provide early inter-related music experiences with melody, harmony, and rhythm. Ear training, notes, rhythm, and keyboard familiarization are introduced through the use of songs and creative movement.

Violin Explorers (ages 7-11)

In a group setting, children will discover the joy and excitement of learning the violin, utilizing basic Suzuki principles. Topics to be covered include: ear training, the parts of the violin and proper care and handling of the instrument. With a carefully guided approach, this class will create the foundation for advanced learning and musical enjoyment.

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