“Music is my passion and creating a learning community in providing an excellent music education is my dream” - Nina Tishkevich


Nina Tishkevich follows her dreams of providing excellent music education and Music and Dance Academy is established in Tucson Arizona. Together with her fellow teachers, they brought to Tucson a mix of the musical traditions of Europe and the methods of renowned Japanese music instructor Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.


Students of the Music and Dance Academy perform in a recital called “Children Helping Children”. Proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Afterschool Inclusion Program that helps special needs children at the Tucson Jewish Community Center. This is a first for the Academy and not the last time the Academy and its students will give back to the community.


Music and Dance Academy joins a musical marathon called the “Performathon”. The Performathon was a fundraiser that benefits students who may not be able to afford a musical education. Academy students raised $1,000 in pledges to sponsor their participation in the event.


The academy celebrated with a free performance at the University of Arizona’s Crowder Hall with the theme, “Celebrating Music for Life”.


Music and Dance Academy opens a new branch in Oro Valley, Arizona. With the ever expanding 

number of students, the newly opened Oro branch made it more convenient for residents of Oro Valley while also improving the quality of arts programs. 

“They were always asking when we were going to open something in Oro Valley. Now we’re very excited we’re finally here” - Nina Tishkevich


The academy expands into Catalina Foothills to serve the community better. The branch opening in Catalina Foothills gives more opportunities for residents to improve their musical and dance talents.


10 Music and Dance Academy students had the adventure of a lifetime. They were among those awarded the honor to play in New York’s renowned Carnegie Hall among 800 other applicants wanting to share their passion with the world.


To commemorate the twenty years of service to Arizona citizens, Music and Dance Academy celebrates our 20th anniversary with a red carpet gala. Twenty years of serving the community and letting dreams come true through the power of music. 

Be part of our history and our future today!