Online Learning Dance Page

Welcome to the Music & Dance Academy Online Learning Dance Page. We are in an unprecedented time of change and adapting each day as the situation changes. We believe we can still provide valuable instruction to our dancers, so that they do not lose their progress and the technique they have worked so hard on throughout this year.

This page has been created so that you have a central place for access to  your live online classes, recordings of previous classes, and all of the additional content that will be continually added.

Additional Content

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If you're just starting your online dance class be sure to visit Tutorial Videos and watch Intro to Online Dance Classes!

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Teacher Classrooms: Join your live class(es), view previously recorded classes that you may have missed or want to review, find your homework, and receive valuable tips & notes from your teacher!

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Some notes on preparing your space for dance:

  • Make sure you find somewhere in your home with enough space to move your arms and kick your legs in all directions without hitting anything.
  • For ballet classes, you will need something to use as a barre. A chair or a countertop works great! Make sure the “barre” is no higher than your dancer’s shoulder.
  • Be mindful of your flooring- if the floor is slippery, it may be best to dance in bare feet rather than your dance shoes.
  • Dress code- It may help your dancer stay in the routine of dance to get them ready in their usual class attire before tuning into the live stream. Make sure they have a water bottle nearby and that the area is as free from distractions as possible.
  • Have FUN! Parents, we would love to see you dancing alongside your dancer too 🙂