Dance Class Dress Codes

All students must follow the proper dance class dress code in order to participate in class. Instructors will be presenting a special award to students with exemplary dress code participation and class attendance! 

For your convenience, we have an online store to order attire and shoes, along with other great dance items. You are not required to use this online store to get your dancewear, but students must follow studio dress codes.

Shop our dress code by clicking on the Discount Dance button below:

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(If you are having difficulty with the link, please do the following: Open a browser and go to, select “Find My Dress Code”and enter Teacher #TP28538 or search “Music & Dance Academy”.)


3-4 years (Tutus for Tots, Mommy -N- Me ): Light Pink

5-6 years (Pre Ballet, Intro Jazz, Taplettes): Lavender

7+ years (All other classes if not listed above): Black


Tights are required for all classes. This is for the health and safety of dancers as it keeps the muscles warm and skin covered in case of a fall.

Ballet Classes: Ballet Pink

Tap/Jazz/Other: Tan


Proper footwear is required for all classes for the safety of our dancers and to maintain our professional dance floor. Dance shoes should NEVER be worn outside of the dance room or in the parking lot.

Ballet Classes

3-6 years: Ballet Pink, Full Sole, Leather Ballet Slippers
7+ years: Ballet Pink, Split Sole, Leather Ballet Slippers
Teen/Adult: Ballet Pink, Split Sole, Leather or Canvas Ballet Slippers

Jazz Classes

All Ages: Tan, Slip-On Jazz Boot

Tap Classes

3-6 years (Tiny Tappers, Taplettes): Black Patent Leather, Mary Jane Style Velcro/Buckle Tap Shoes (no laces)
6+ years: Black Lace Up Tap Shoes

Advanced: Black Split Sole Lace Up Tap Shoes (instructor approval necessary)


No other clothing will be permitted in dance classes. Instructors must have a clear view of your dancer’s body.

Ballet Classes: Ballet skirt, Legwarmers, Tight Fitting Sweater

Other Classes: Black shorts/leggings/jazz pants


  • White t-shirt or leotard
  • Black tights or pants
  • Athletic supporter (dance belt) for older boys
  • Black or white ballet shoes
  • White ankle socks


Comfortable athletic or dancewear. Appropriate shoes for style of dance.


Ballet Classes: Tight ballet bun

Other Classes: Tight ponytail/bun

Please, no distracting hair accessories that may fall off during class


  • All dancers must bring a water bottle to class.
  • No jewelry, toys, street shoes on the dance floor, extra clothing, food, or drinks other than water bottle in the dance room.


  1. Be on time and in dress for every class. Late dancers may not be able to participate per instructor discretion.
  2. Be respectful, kind, and focused. Raise your hand
  3. Go potty before class! We cannot help your child in the bathroom and extra bathroom breaks disrupt class.
  4. Bring a water bottle!
  5. No running in the dance room.
  6. No swinging on the barres, touching the mirrors, or touching piano/music equipment
  7. Thank your teacher after every class.
  8. Parents: stick around after class for any info your teacher may have about classes, upcoming recitals, etc.
  9. Have FUN!
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